String of Beads

String of Beads

Super succulent friend of the String of Pearls, this sun lover boasts trailing stems of oval, bead-like leaves, each with a sunshine window strip strip running to its tip which lets light in and assists photosynthesis.

String of Beads need room to trail so they are perfect for a hanging pot or a high shelf by a window. They can be quite delicate but never fear, if you snap a trailer off, stick it in some water and you’ll have some new roots for a new plant in no time.


They love loads of bright light but will still frazzle if sat out in the sun without a drink for too long. Think of these succulents as less hardcore cactus and you’ll get the hang of it. We have ours in the corner of a south facing window that gets sun for most of the day but cools off in the evening.


Very drought tolerant so don’t fuss too much if you forget to water it. Just make sure you give it a good soaking every month or so in the summer. Those beady leaves store lots of water to keep them hydrated and they do not like soggy roots.

As always, rain water is best!


Super dry is super best for your String of Beads. Wet leaves are not friends!


A weak but balanced fertiliser once a month in the summer. Yum!


Mildly toxic to children and animals so watch out for falling beads if they get knocked.